Vocal Insight

Vocal Insight

"A good teacher is one who possesses the fundamental skills, knowledge and abilities in order to assess and transform a student's weaknesses into strengths and, to thus incite great potential, with confidence and patience.

~ Deelee Dubé

I am highly passionate about the voice and the methods used in which to teach and inform about the voice. As a genuinely skilled and experienced singer myself, I am able to teach basic singing lessons which incorporate craft and artistry, pitch range, vocal register and intonation improvement, alongside  performance and vocal delivery technique. 

On a more advanced level, the voice sessions incorporate a useful and interesting insight into the vocal anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, and presents how the voice operates phonetically as a human instrument through Speaking (Projection) and singing. Vocal Insight offers an in-depth and rather holistic insight into using the voice (with support from Estill theory) and allows one to draw out their vocal strengths and weaknesses and thus improve them via efficient exercises and knowledge. Whilst the sole focus is based on the one's voice, the aim is to also bring out the potential of one's singing voice, and therefore gain confidence in using it in a public setting. 

All styles/genres covered which include: Pop/Soul/Jazz/ Rock, Ballad/Opera/Choral/ Speech.
I work as a very patient and understanding singing teacher and voice coach, and my aim is to help any one with an interest in the voice realise their great singing potential, the only requirement is patience, focus and determination.
Alongside singing lessons and voice coaching, Vocal Insight also specialises in Music Theory Song Writing tuition.

Much focus is put into attention, detail and artistic expression.

As an experienced and professional Singer Songwriter and Voice Coach, my work ethos is based on a friendly, efficient and patient approach.

All are welcome, of any genre, level or discipline.

I am am available for private singing sessions, and vocal master classes.

Besides music, I also work as a freelance/ peripatetic singing teacher/ Music teacher.

I aim to utilise my creative skills and artistic abilities to help others to reach their maximum potential creatively and by using the voice as a creative outlet.

I follow a holistic approach to singing, performing and creating music, thus vocal health operates as an imperative element to my teaching method.

Enhanced CRB & references available upon request.

Vocal Insight ™  All Rights Reserved, 2004

Vocal Insight was established in 2004 with, support from the Prince's Trust.

Music Teachers Website:http://www.musicteachers.co.uk/user/4c05fbc781d6f923db53

"My Passion Is your Vocal Insight" ~ Deelee Dubé

                                    Vocal Insight Testimonials

A testimonial from Ms R. Danger, about her English Speech, pronunciation, and Language sessions with Vocal Insight

I have been having sessions for about 6 months, of one hour per week and the results are very satisfactory. We had begun with exercises for improving my understanding of the English phonetics and then, we combined free conversations with dialog/podcasts reproductions and useful common English phrasing exercises.

As a result, after these months I am able to understand better and speak much clearly. English sounds, sentence stress and musicality behind English speaking are now clearer and
,during listening, I am able,  to recognize common unstressed phrases and recognize the pieces of information indispensable for comprehension.

I have also obtained a good set of hints that help me in my independent study and resources to improve my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

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