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 Very excited to announce that as a Valentines treat for y'all lovelies, I will be releasing my debut, "The Blue Bird Sings" Album as a free download for a limited time only on the 14th February!   #GetReadySteadyGo!

Rainy Day Blues is now  available to download in ITunes:

Mystery Lane (What you Want) MASTER.mp3

Round Midnight (Cover) 3.mp3

Life Is Not the Same.mp3


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"AUTUMN IN NEW YORK by Deelee Dube (pronounced, doobay) from London, England. What a great introduction to the month of the Autumnal Equinox (Sept 23). Why does it seem that all the best new jazz seems to be coming out of Britain in the past few years? Be sure to check out her myspace page for more music and videos. " ~ (

"I received the track 'Mystery Lane' and it's great!! It has a nice feel and production and lovely vocals too.. it's a FANTASTIC song, well done!!"

~ Pete Maher (Top Floor Records)


"Lovely version of California Dreaming

Many thanks"
~ SKYE (Morcheeba)

"Sarah Vaughan Meets Jimi Hendrix!" (Rainy Day Blues)
~ M. Small (Michael Bublé band instrumentalist)

Deelee is a skilled and talented singer-songwriter to keep and eye and ear on."

~ JJB (The Monkees)

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